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Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced riding levels. Coaching sessions have a more intense focus and instruction than regular riding lessons. English or western riding can be chosen. 


  • $50.00 per session

  • Private one on one instruction

  • Ability to trailer in your own horse

  • Lessons are 1 hour (unless otherwise noted). 

  • Horsemanship emphasized to develop a well rounded rider who can work with their horse's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Riders are asked to arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled session to allow time for unloading and tacking their horse. 


**Any cancellations less than 24 prior to scheduled lesson time will be charged a $15 cancellation fee.

Gift Certificates Available!
Buy the rider in your family a booklet of coaching sessions!     Makes for an excellent gift! Call us at 443-880-2002 or stop by the barn to pickup a booklet today! 
Obstacle challenges
Maddie Smith Pole Bending Competing with High School Rodeo
Cowboy Mounted Shooting
Rusted Star Ranch Coaching
Have consistant, solid performances
Hannah excited with her ribbons
Balance and Horsemanship
Mounted Shooting -$65.00


What is more exciting than being a real cowboy or cowgirl shooting from horseback? Learn proper gun safety and handling in addition to having your horse accustom to gunfire.  With over 60 courses in competition, course management is a key focus for strategy and gaining that edge during competition.  Sessions are generally 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length. Cost does not include ammunition to shoot.  No live ammo is used!  Riders encouraged have earplugs. Rusted Star Ranch works many mounted shooters that compete with the CMSA Mason Dixon Deputies club.

Barrel Racing & Poles


The saying at Rusted Star Ranch is practice slow, win fast.  Having the full control of your horses body is very important.  Foundation of knowing proper cues, yeilding to leg pressure, leads, lead changes, and more are emphasised.  Exericises specific to developing the horse as an athlete and improving riders skillset to "think on the fly" are used. Rusted Star Ranch works with MD High School Rodeo Competitors at both Jr and High School level.

Trail Obstacles


How confident are you or your horse riding up on the unknown?  When on the trail, there may be natural obstacles (such as water, hills, downed trees, etc.) horse and rider must negotiate.  But what about mad made items - paper bags, bridges, banners, etc.?  Obstacles training instills confidence in the rider to know how to encourage the horse to approach and negotiate various obstacles in a safe, positive way. Coaching is done in both the arena and on the trail. 

Equitation & Pleasure


Pleasure riding (for either show or trail riding) should reflect the horse being in a pleasure frame at a pleasure pace and appear willing, happy and in tune with their rider. The rider should give the appearance of control, adaptability, and the ability to demonstrate how to well he/she uses their seat, hands, to obtain performance of their horse. Cues from the rider should appear seamless. To the untrained eye, it can appear that the horse responds just by thought!  Balanced, smooth transitions are important to achieve a ride that is a pleasure to ride and watch.

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